Paper Competition

We have exciting news for all practitioners, academicians, researchers, government officials, and students interested in the energy field! We will hold the “PYC Paper Competition 2023” as part of our biennial flagship program, PYC International Energy Conference 2023. Join now and stand a chance to win a total prize of IDR55,000,000,00!

This Competition is free of charge.

This year, PYC will hold its biennial flagship program, PYC International Energy Conference 2023, to bring local and global stakeholders, including but not limited to students, researchers, experts, governments and private sectors to discuss the energy sector in the world and Indonesia in particular. As a special pre-event, PYC will conduct  a paper competition with the theme of “Energy Security for a Sustainable Future”. This theme was chosen considering the importance of energy security for a sustainable future, particularly during the recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with the recovery in the energy sector after COVID-19, maximizing the potential of energy resources is a vital step to enhancing the energy security of a country. These energy resources could come from both new and renewable energy as well as fossil energy. The development and utilization of the energy will act as bridging energy during the transition period towards a sustainable future. In addition, it is also important for countries to follow sustainable development principles in planning energy security development.

The paper competition aims to stimulate high-quality research to gather insights, analyses and up-to-date findings from practitioners, academicians, researchers, government officials or students on matters of energy security and sustainable development.


The objectives of the paper competition are as follows:

  1. To stimulate research on socioeconomic aspect in energy security;
  2. To stimulate research on technological aspect in energy security;
  3. To stimulate research on policy aspect in energy security;
  4. To identify potential papers to be submitted for the Indonesian Journal of Energy, a peer-reviewed journal in the energy topics published by Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) twice a year (February and August). 


“Energy Security for a Sustainable Future”


  • energy security
  • energy economics
  • energy analysis
  • energy modeling
  • integrated energy systems
  • energy planning
  • environmental and energy management
  • energy conservation
  • energy efficiency
  • energy innovation
  • fuel and energy technology
  • biomass and bioenergy
  • new and renewable energy
  • energy storage
  • energy finance
  • energy geopolitics
  • energy law and policy

The paper competition is open to the general public free of charge, but aim participation from:

  1. Professionals;
  2. Practitioners;
  3. Academicians;
  4. Researchers;
  5. Lecturers;
  6. Government officials;
  7. Students.

Open : 1 February 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 April 2023

Full Paper Submission Deadline: 31 July 2023

Finalists Announcement: 1 September 2023

Final Presentation by Finalists: 15 September 2023

Abstract Submission: Click here


1st Winner : IDR 10,000,000

2nd Winner : IDR 9,000,000

3rd Winner : IDR 8,000,000

4th Winner : IDR 7,000,000

5th Winner : IDR 6,000,000

6th Winner : IDR 5,000,000

7th Winner : IDR 4,000,000

8th Winner : IDR 3,000,000

9th Winner : IDR 2,000,000

10th Winner : IDR 1,000,000

*Exclusive of all taxes

Winners must submit their papers to PYC’s Indonesian Journal of Energy (IJE).

General Rules of Participation

  1. The paper can be written by or a product of one or multiple authors;
  2. Entries must not contain any discriminatory or obscene language/content;
  3. Entries must be of original work;
  4. The submitted paper should be written in English;
  5. Registrants can submit more than one paper at the same time;
  6. Participation in our competition is free of charge. There is no registration/administration fee associated with the application or submission;
  7. The latest abstract submission deadline is 30 April 2023;
  8. Notification of abstract acceptance is 19 May 2023;
  9. The latest full paper submission deadline is 31 July 2023;
  10. Notification of paper finalists is 1 September 2023;
  11. The finalists will present their paper in front of the reviewers and audience at the PYC International Energy Conference 2023 on 15 September 2023;
  12. The paper cannot be withdrawn once it is accepted;
  13. All materials will be the property of PYC once they are submitted;
  14. The final decision of winners is final and deemed absolute. It cannot be rescinded under any circumstances once it is announced;
  15. The winners will be announced on PYC International Energy Conference at 16 September 2023;
  16. The top ten winners are obligated to submit the paper to the Indonesian Journal of Energy and actively participate in the peer-review process;
  17. Authors who are not included in the top ten winners are also invited to submit their papers to the Indonesian Journal of Energy and actively participate in the peer-review process.

The Paper Format

The submitted paper, in principle, must contain the following content:

  1. Abstract;
  2. Background/Introduction;
  3. Method;
  4. Discussion of the underlying theory and analysis;
  5. Conclusions;
  6. References;
  7. Abstract and caption of tables and figures: Times New Roman font size 10, single line spacing;
  8. Titles: Written in English, Times New Roman font size 18, Font Bold, 1.5 line spacing;
  9. Footnotes: Times New Roman font size 9, single line spacing;
  10. The full paper shall contain (i) the full name(s) of the author(s) without any title or degree, (ii) name of the department or institutional affiliation, (iii) email address(es) of the author(s);
  11. Plagiarism below 15%;
  12. Reference: APA Style. The citation includes a minimum of 3 citations from journal/publication indexed by Scopus;
  13. Detailed paper guidelines:

Paper Presentation Guidelines 

1. General Guidelines

  • Paper presenter must create a presentation based on the given template.
  • The presentation materials for the paper presenter must be submitted prior to 11 September 2023.

2. Paper Presentation

  • The presentation time is 10 minutes.
  • Paper presenter should adjust the number of slides accordingly for a 10 minute presentation as no extra time will be given.
  • There will be 20 minutes of Q&A session including feedback from the reviewers given for each paper presenter.

3. Paper Powerpoint Format

  • Please strictly follow the powerpoint template provided by PYC. The template and guideline will be disseminate through the email at the day after the full paper finalists announcement. Feel free to use one of the ppt layouts or mix all of the layouts in the ppt file. Presenters can mix the layout using the given templates.
  • Please make sure the font size is large enough (min. 24pt). Hence, it can be seen clearly by the audience.
  • Please submit to only in .PPTX and .PDF files format prior to 11 September 2023.
  • Please use the email subject: [PYC IEC 2023] PAPER_NAME_TITLE and the file name: PAPER_NAME_TITLE. For example, email subject: [PYC IEC 2023] PAPER_DEWA_ENERGY SECURITY. and file name: PAPER_DEWA_ENERGY SECURITY.

Submission Guideline

Participants will need to submit the full paper through the online form provided by the PYC:

Paper Evaluation

The submitted papers are expected to be evaluated by three juries on 2-28 August 2023.


The best ten papers based on the juries’ assessment will be announced on PYC International Energy Conference on 16 September 2023.

For more information on PYC Paper Competition 2023, please kindly contact us through email at or through our WhatsApp number +62 811-1888-932.

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